Catch Returns

Catch returns are very important to the club. They are one of the main methods we use to gauge the health of our river and the data they provide helps us determine our stocking policy. At the end of each season we ask members complete a form that details all their fishing visits. This data is then collated by Eddie Wilkinson, he then presents his findings at our A.G.M. in February. Unfortunately in the past we have received very few seasonal catch returns, so the information Eddie has been able to impart was rather sketchy.

To try to improve this situation we have introduced 'Daily Catch Return form'. This enables members to complete an on-line form after each session. When you submit a catch return form it is e-mailed to Eddie Wilkinson who has undertaken to tabulate the information, so you are freed from the necessity of keeping a diary. Also by filling in a return after each session, we collect more immediate data as the season progresses.

You may either keep a record/diary and submit your 'Seasonal Catch Return' at the end of September in the traditional away, or alternatively you can register to make on-line 'Daily Catch Return'. I'm afraid you will need to register so that we do not receive spurious catch returns, please email your request stating the password you would like to use to me Steve Sunley at I'll check each submission against the list of current members and send a confirmation when I have added you to the authorisation list. When this is done you will be able to submit a Daily Catch Return by clicking on the link below. You will be asked to enter your username, this will be your email address, and your password, the form will then appear.

Click here to submit a  DAILY CATCH RETURN FORM